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Haven't updated in a while, because I've just been too lazy. And I spend all my time talking to AJ. O________o;; So yeah, time to do... stuff.

I have a math test today on quandratic functions, which sucked, but I think I did okay. Okay enough. Bleh, I don't care; I know that I understand enough to be able to pass and possible to continue in the acedemic stream next semester.

My psychology project is due on monday now and I think I'll do very well on that too. I'm basically bullshitting most of the advanced quantum mechanics stuff (it's all true, but I'm making newer connections... so... hopefully they'll seem proven enough for the report) and it's hard to find the right information, seeing as the studies are all recent, but it's still up to par in my opinion.

A little confusion lately, contradicting thoughts and such, but that's okay because I know how to deal with it. That stuff passes. :)

I only have one Luvox left and my mom still hasn't gotten the new perscription yet. I've told her like five times... >_____> But meh.

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