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I am God-blor!

Wow, in a lucky break I got the internet to connect. Can't stay on though, for fear of an even longer punishment.

So. I'm grounded off long distance phone-ity and the internet for going way overboard on the bill. Teh suck. I'm a getting a job though, so I'll pay it back... grarg. I'm also hoping to join the Library Advisory Team majig here in town... goes to community hours, so whoo.

Uhm... first day of the semester:

Math: Kind of boring, teacher wears an obvious hairpiece.

Chemistry: did she really have to play this song over and over and over!? Ha, I lurve it though.

English: We're reading Life of Pi! WHEEEEEE!

Living and Working with Children: dumb-ass boys decided it would be an easy course to pass, crazy-haired teacher tears out their throats. w00t.

So yes.

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