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I advise you to take my advice... BITCH

I noticed today that my grade eleven course code has an M in it. Fancy that. So I'm making a fool of myself and struggling an an applied math class. That's a new level of suck for me.

Somehow I expected more of an ethusiastic response from my English teacher in regards to the contest... kinda disapointing to have her... not care at all. Jeez, why am I so self-important these days? Meh.

Got some gewd books at zeh library today, which I now frequent. Hopefully that teen advisory team thingy works out so I can have more excuses to be there and out of the house, heh.

Anyway. I'm really liking chemistry right now... the learning, at least. It's also a leeetle depressing because I remembered today that even when I go to the trouble of looking up what the relative masses and charges are of up and down quarks, no one ever asks why neutrons are heavier than protons. ): Gleh, I'll have to wait for university, I guess.

That is, if I actually pass math. APPLIED MATH! D:

EDIT: Yay, M is mixed, not applied. I don't need Discrete anyway. Yeeeeee!
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