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Burned 200 cals on the tread yesterday. I also read two books; After Dinner Barf and Fat Chance. Both sucked but I needed the motivation... I'll be a fat pig forever without it.

Meh. My English teacher probably thinks I'm the worst pupil ever. I completely forgot today was a five period day and so I left my notebook at home thinning (Ooo, a freudian slip? I meant thinking.) I could pick it up when I went home at lunch. Which means the project I said I would do on pagemaker was there as well. So I'll have to go back to Ms. McDonald's class and bring it to her.

I got out of treat day today (I hate treat days) because Mr. Wells said if we got the question on the board right we would get to have some kind of fattening fudgy substance. So I did it wrong. Take THAT, fudge! XP

So. I'm going to walk back to school now.

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