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I went to the chocolate factory with my boyfriend today! ^___^ It was fun. We went around the tour twice to stall, XD. I probably read ever fricking bag in that place - so many calories!!! O___O Plus after that AJ and I went to subway. I got a veggie sub with lettuce, tomato and mustard... turned out to be pretty low cals... but I wanted to binge so bad after that. That's the thing, I can avoid it until I eat, then it's really hard to avoid! I ate a 60-cal bag of twizzlers... and then when I got home I ate a cookie. No chocolate chips in it, but still... anyway, I should be fine as long as I get on the treadmill tonight.

The good thing is, I think I can get out of supper by saying I ate too much candy... too bad I broke my fast though. 2 1/2 days is pretty good... next time it'll be longer.

But yeah, it was so much fun! ^_______^

Tags: ana, calories, squee
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