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No wait, it IS! :O

Probably going to sound weird but, hey, I've purged before... this is nowhere near as bad. I've discovered that the chewing/spitting technique really helps me keep from binging. Not only do I get the taste without the calories, I get to see what food would look like coming back up... unpleasent. :S I should never make cookies again - they're too tempting! :P

Anyway, back on good ol' green tea right now... I'm looking for some good recipes I can use as back-ups when I'm forced to eat... that way I can avoid the fat in the crap we normally buy (fact: Kraft Dinner is supposed to serve four. What the fuck!?)

My parents come home tonight - after dinner! So I have two days calorie free, at least. Sounds good to me... but I hope I can extend it to the rest of the week.

Tags: ana, calories, mia
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