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unimagined, indescribable, interconnected experiences

unimagined, indescribable, interconnected events
12 July
My name is Laurel Chaisson, I'm sixteen years old, and I live in Ontario Canada. All of this information can be seen elsewhere on this page, making the previous sentence useless. Nonetheless, I've decided to include it on the off-chance that someone might stumble upon my LJ and say, "Y'know, I don't particularily feel like reading the stats or other information. Instead I'm just going to dive right into the description in hopes that I'll find everything I need to know about life right in there." I'm thinking ahead, you see?

That's just the way my brain works; my interest in quantum physics and psychology has taught me to think outside the trapezoid we call reality. ^___^ Often this leads me into long-winded discussions about various topics that would cause the heads of most listeners to implode.

Anyway, my journal is filled with contemplation and angst, as I am in the process of revamping my entire pattern of thought. I am a recovering self-injurer and I have an eating disorder (ana/mia ed-nos thing goin' on). The history of my journey has been recorded here... and the future will continue.

My name is Laurel Anne Chaisson
I am 16 years old
I am female
I was born on Wednesday, July 12th, 1989 @ 9:52 AM
That makes my star sign Cancer and my Chinese sign the Snake
I am an indigo/crystal child
I have shoulder-length dirty blonde hair.
My eyes are Blue-Green
I weigh around 122 lbs
My target weight is 100lbs
I am 5'4"
I am Visual-Spatial
I have no piercings or tattoos (but I want a tattoo)
I don't smoke/drink/do drugs
My lucky number is 307
My least favorite number is 2
My favorite colours are orange and indigo
My least favorite colour is pink
I love ancient history, math, physics, and pyschology
I despise P.E.
I love citris and spicy food
I hate the smell of melted butter :S
I love to write poetry
I normally read romance, fantasy, humour, and parody stories
I'm a Johnen Vasquez-obsessed fangirl
I listen to Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French music (also Russian and latin)

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